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  • 11,755 families supported in 2021**
  • £459m claims paid out in 2020
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Our 5* rated customer service team will help you find the most suitable cover that works for you, whether it’s to
  • Provide financial support for your loved ones
  • Cover funeral cost
  • Leave a larger nest for your family

Over 50s Life Plan

Provide financial support for your loved ones to cover the funeral cost, end-of-life expenses or debts.
  • Leave up to £50,000 to your loved ones
  • No medical exam or questionnaire
  • Instant cover against accidental death

Funeral Cover Plan

Give your family a one-off cash lump sum to ease the financial burden during an already difficult chapter.
  • Helps cover funeral costs up to £15,000
  • Add an optional cash lump sum 
  • Choose from a wide variety of quotes

Seniors Term Life Plan

After completing a short health and lifestyle questionnaire, you could be eligible for a larger payout.
  • Cover yourself up to £100,000
  • Cover against terminal illness diagnosis
  • Questionnaire to determine eligibility

Best Insurance is a top 5 rated insurance provider by our customers for the hassle free experience

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Wide range of benefit amounts available


Immediate cover for accidental death


Cover for whole life


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  • Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents
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How it works


Flexibility and choice

Choose how much you can afford to pay each month, so you can leave your family money for debit or expenses when you die, or to help with your funeral costs. Best Insurance has wide range of benefits with amounts upto £100,000 providing you the flexibility to choose how little or more you want to pay.



No premiums once you reach 90 years of age, whilst age limits may be higher with other insurers. Your are still guaranteed the pay out when you choose us. 


Hassle free

You are guaranteed acceptance and our experienced sales team team will guide and support you to find the best choice that works for you.  Get a quote or call us today on 0330 330 9465.


Paying out

If you die in the first year of your policy, the insurer returns your payments in full.
If you die in an accident (as defined in our terms and conditions), in the first year of your policy, the insurer will pay out the full amount insured.
If you die after the first year of your policy, the full sum assured will be paid out.

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Hassle free

No medical questionnaire or health examinations required. Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents between age 49-85 years.

Insurance you can trust

Best Insurance is rated OUTSTANDING by our customers. We are one of UK’s top 5 insurance providers of life insurance, and have over 10 years experience.

Guaranteed cash payout

With over 50s life insurance you are covered from day one, and 100% of claims are paid out in full ensuring guaranteed protection for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Why choose life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between you and the life insurance provider that enables you to leave behind money for your family when you die. This can be used to support them for a number of years, to replace lost income, or to pay off a large debt such as your mortgage. You pay a monthly premium for life insurance. Your age, health, lifestyle and how much cover you need, as well as the type of policy you have, will all determine how much you pay.

At Best insurance we are transparent and here to make the whole process simple and ensure you get the best cover to protect your loved ones

What is life insurance and how does it work?

Life insurance helps give your family financial protection should you pass away within the policy term. Life insurance is usually only there for you when you’re gone to help protect your loved one. It lets you leave a lump sum behind – helping your loved ones maintain their living standards or pay mortgage costs. 


Do I need life insurance?

Take the time to consider how much money your loved ones might need to maintain their living standards if you were to pass away. This might include costs such as bills, mortgage repayments, school fees and any other debts you might need to repay

What are the different types of life insurance?

Term assurance

The most basic type of life insurance is called term life insurance, where you choose the amount you want to be insured for and the period for which you want cover. If you die within the term, the policy pays out to your beneficiaries. If you don’t die during the term, the policy doesn’t pay out and the premiums you’ve paid are not returned to you. 

There are three main types of term assurance to consider – level-term, decreasing-term and increasing-term insurance. Sometimes a combination of the two is the best answer.

Level term:  pays out a lump sum if you die within the specified term. The amount you’re covered for remains level throughout the term – hence the name.

Decreasing term: the amount you’re covered for decreases over the term of the policy. These policies are often used to cover a debt that reduces over time, such as a repayment mortgage. 

Increasing term: the amount you’re covered for increases over the term of the policy, to keep up with inflation so that your family can make the most of your payment.

What's the difference between Life Insurance vs Over 50s Life Insurance?

Over 50 Life Insurance is a guaranteed acceptance policy. That means that if you’re a UK resident aged 50 to 80, you can get cover with this policy. You won’t need to submit any medicals or blood tests. You can secure up to £100,000 of cover depending on your age. Read our ‘How it works’ section above for more information.

What is a Funeral Cover plan?

 Funeral Insurance Plan is a simple way to help your loved ones cope financially with the costs of your funeral. The funeral cover plan is a life insurance policy designed to provide a lump sum to your loved ones to help with funeral costs and other expenses when the time comes. It is not a pre-paid funeral or a funeral plan. It can help your family to cover funeral costs and give you the send-off that you really want.

What is the Seniors Term Life plan?

With Seniors Term Life Insurance ,  it’s never too late to put protection in place for your family. As long as you are a UK resident, you can apply to take out cover later in life from age 45 up to 80 and leave behind a nest egg up to £100,000 to help your loved ones with funeral expenses, outstanding bills, or simply leave it as a gift.    

How is the Over 50's Life insurance different to the seniors term life plan?

Possibly the biggest difference between Seniors Term Life Insurance and Over 50 Life Insurance is how much cover you can take out. Over 50 Life Insurance provides cover up to £10,000, while Seniors Term Life Insurance provides up to £100,000 of cover. Here at Best Insurance we can help you decide what’s best for you. Get a quote or call us today on 0330 330 9465.

Gift Card, for new policy holders only, after six successful monthly payments and once your total premiums paid exceeds the value of your Gift Card. View full terms and conditions here.

 **Legal & General